New Kaman Precision Products Noncontacting Displacement Measuring System KD-2300-2S1

This is a new Kaman KD-2300-2S1 Noncontacting Displacement Measuring System. It includes the calibration certificate, cables, 2S1 sensor, and KD-2300-2S1 oscillator/demodulator. Kaman Precision Products’ Multi-VIT displacement measuring system, the KD-2300, is a non-contact linear displacement measuring system. This easy-to-use system makes high-precision, static and dynamic measurements for product design, fabrication, process control, and inspection of metal objects. It replaces LVDTs, air gauges, dial indicators, and micrometers. Zero, gain, and linearity adjustments are provided on the electronics package. The output voltage of the system is proportional to the distance between the face of the sensor and any metallic (conductive) target. Certain internal components in the KD-2300 family precisely match the signal conditioning electronics to a specific sensor and cable. To change the sensor size and/or cable length, a corresponding bridge card must also change. This is an easy task, requiring only a screw driver, that can be accomplished in a matter of minutes. Contact Kaman for the type of sensor/cable conversion you wish to make.
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