New Stevens Greenspan CS2-1200 Multiparameter Water Quality Sensor System




This is a brand new Stevens-Greenspan CS2-1200 SDI-12 combination sensor system with CS2-1200 multiparameter sensor, AxSys MPU, SDI-400 calibration box, calibration software, and manuals. The Greenspan SDI-12 sensor range has been designed to allow connection to the SDI-12 serial / digital network widely used in the hydrological and field monitoring industry. SDI-12 allows multiple connection of sensors to a single data-logging recorder, transmitting at 1200 baud over distances up to 60 metres (200 feet) between each sensor and the data logger. The CS2-1200 is designed to measure Temperature, Dissolved Oxygen and pH. It includes complete linearity correction and temperature correction over a wide range, thereby maintaining its factory accurate calibration while in the field. Each sensor is individually calibrated over span and temperature. The CS2-1200 conforms to SDI-12 version 1.2 protocol. The AxSys is a data acquisition instrument that collects, processes, stores and transmits data from sensors primarily used by organizations responsible for water resource management and control. The AxSys is expandable so that the user can easily add additional data inputs to their monitoring system. For example, rating tables can easily be programmed into the AxSys and adjusted to calculate and report on water flow. The Axsys is designed to accept a variety of signal inputs from any single parameter sensor with an analog or digital output, or any multi-parameter sensor using the SDI-12 serial interface. The opto-isolated output signals, available for alarms, chemical pacing or triggering samples, are optional. Satellite, radio and telephone telemetry options are available with the AxSys to provide for real-time data transmission. Memory capacity is offered in the form of non-volatile onboard memory, as well as in a removable data card. SDI12-CalTech is a software program designed to enable the easy calibration of Greenspan 1200 series sensors. It is to be used with the Greenspan SDI-400 Calibration Box. Full scale and offset calibrations may be made simply by applying known conditions to the sensor and recording the result in SDICalTech. The software then corrects any variations from the known data. This is then downloaded into the sensor as a calibration file.
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