New Viatran 319-24 Differential Pressure Transducer 0-15 in W.C.

This is a Viatran 319-24 Differential Pressure Transducer. The Model 319-24 delivers a process type 4-20 ma output. It was designed especially for applications requiring a 4-20 ma two wire output, but where something less than the larger more expensive transmitter type construction would be useful. This unit utilizes a strain gage sensor along with solid-state signal conditioning to provide a small, versatile configuration. This unit can provide large cost savings for process control applications where the general environment does not require the explosion-proof or weatherproof transmitter type instrument. The Model 319-24 is available only as a two wire output device, installed in a series loop with the power supply and load. It will accept input voltages from 14-40V DC and deliver a constant current 4-20 ma output in the two wire loop circuit. The transducer operates on a constant current source with its output changed only by changes in applied pressure. Resistance loads up to 1300 ohms can be driven by applying a 40V power supply to the loop. A dropping resistor installed in the series loop provides voltage outputs for voltage sensitive readout devices. Standard ranges are 0-5 thru 0-150" W.C. gage or differential. The differential units can be utilized only where the reference pressure is a clean dry gas. Other features include the 100% FSPR calibration signal and external zero and span adjustments. These two features allow calibration of the transducer without an external pressure source. Simply shorting connector pins 3 and 4 provides a calibration signal exactly equal to the application of 100% full scale pressure. After adjusting the zero of the transducer, the scale or gain of the recorder or other readout devices can then be set in accordance with the calibration signal. Calibration signals other than 100% FS can be specified. The pressure cavity materials are all stainless steel.The rear housing is stainless steel with an o-ring providing the environmental seal for the electronics. The electrical connector is a Cannon four pin type WK4-32S. The mating connector WK4-21C, which must be ordered separately, is also available in a prewired cable assembly.
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