Opto-Electronics 680 nm Picosecond Fiber Optic Diode Laser System

This is an Opto-Electronics Picosecond Fiber Optic Diode Laser System consisting of one 680 nm PPL30K laser module and one MF-20 mainframe. The Picosecond Fiber Optic System (PFOS) is an instrument designed to perform a variety of fiberoptic related measurements in the picosecond time and gigahertz frequency domains. The capabilities and features of transmitters and receivers are similar to the Opto-Electronics stand-alone picosecond lasers and photodetectors, with the added convenience of all units being housed in a rack mountable mainframe. Additional modules provide for a variety of configurations and measurement possibilities. The PFOS instrument consists of the mainframe containing power supply circuitry and modules chosen from a wide variety to meet the users requirements. The Mainframe contains the main power supply and has been designed to accommodate a variety of modules which can be inserted into anyone of the eleven bays. The mainframe can be rack mounted or placed conveniently on a bench. The PPL30K module has been designed to slide into any position on the PFOS mainframe. The source is a diode laser in a microwave circuit of proprietary design. The laser source can be triggered internally at a fixed repetition rate or externally at a variable repetition rate. In either mode a pretrigger pulse is provided for triggering an oscilloscope or other equipment. The laser is thermally controlled for superb stability.
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