PC2 Vision



Dalsa/Coreco PC2 Vision If you’re looking for an ideal PCI image capture board for your cost-sensitive machine vision applications, then the high performing may be just what you need. Featuring exceptionally versatile circuitry, the PC2-Vision’s acquisition board lets you interface with standard RS-17 and CCIR, non-standard progressive scan, RGB, and dual channel analog cameras. Perfect for industrial inspection, identification and gauging applications, the DALSA /Coreco PC2-Vision features six inputs and high performance acquisition, digitizing at 40 MHz to give you reliable, high quality image outputs. Saving you time and cost by simplifying camera interfacing, the PC2-Vision offers fully programmable timing, efficient cabling, and a variety of trigger, strobe and asynchronous reset options. The powerful, embedded controller gives you the secure image capture you require. For help with your DALSA/Coreco image capture board selection, please call (888) 732-6474.
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