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The PC-COMP image capture card provides fast transfer of standard composite color and monochrome video data to host PC memory. With 1MB of high speed, dual ported, linear mapped video memory running at 60MB/s, you can simultaneously acquire and send image data to the host PC’s memory. Able to handle inputs from a number of automated imaging and machine vision applications, the PC-COMP is a half-size PCI-bus card that handles video formats of RS- 170/CCIR, NTSC/PAL/S-VHS, and VCR output. Strobe and trigger are supported as well. The PC-COMP can be configured as either a DMA bus master or slave. In bus master mode, special circuitry automatically de-interlaces the image “on the fly.” This allows data to be DMA’d a frame at a time, sustaining 60MB/s to the PCI-bus, instead of the standard line FIFO method. This greatly reduces the overhead on the CPU for each transfer, freeing up the host when other frame grabbers would be constantly using the CPU. Additionally, AOIs (Areas of Interest) can be transferred out of memory, at full speed,without the need to write any special code. Display is done using the host VGA. On-board circuitry allows data to be sent in 4:2:2 format so Non-Destructive Overlays can be created.
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