PCVisionplus®is Coreco Imaging’s high-performance analog frame grabber. It digitizes monochrome analog video to 8 or 12 bits, at sample frequencies up to 53* MHz. The PCVisionplus supports standard, progressive scan and non-standard (variable scan) cameras. The high data transfer rate of the PCI-bus eliminates the need for on-board processing or display circuitry, so image display and processing is handled by the host computer resources. The linear format image memory allows acquisition of a variety of image sizes. The image memory behaves as a temporary buffer between the camera interface and the host PCI-bus system. The PCVisionplus incorporates a hardware “scatter gather” table for highly efficient, fully automated image transfers from the image memory. This frees the host CPU to perform processing during bus master transfers rather than controlling the transfer operation. In addition to the hardware scatter gather function, the bus master controller has multiple frame ping-pong source and destination capabilities that allow the application to program the PCVisionplus to establish the needed amount of processing time.
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