Pantera TF 6M8

Dalsa Pantera TF 6M8 The Pantera TF 6M8 is an advanced, full frame camera that offers a unique combination of multi-megapixel resolution, fast frame rate, large bit-depth, and a Camera Link interface. The camera's data rate of up to 2 x 36 MHz provides incredible throughput while its 3076 x 2048 pixel resolution enables you to reduce the number of cameras required for large-area surface scanning. With up to 14 bits of output, this camera is capable of discerning the tiniest differences between gray scales. The DALSA-made sensor used in the Pantera TF 6M8 has extremely low noise eliminating the need for voluminous and costly cooling mechanisms. The Pantera TF 6M8 is housed in a single, robust enclosure ideal for hostile industrial environments and is designed for easy attachment of external devices such as mechanical shutters. The M72 adapter on the front plate allows for wide selection of off-the-shelf and custom lenses. The Pantera TF 6M8 provides a cost-effective solution for even the most challenging applications with the reliability and technical support implicit in the DALSA brand.
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