Phoenix Contact CheckMaster with PLUGTRAB UFBK/UAK Adapter




This is a Phoenix Contact TRABTECH CHECKMASTER with test adapter for PLUGTRAB UFBK and UAK, RS-232 cables and adapters, User's Manual, and Inspection Certificate. Additional test adapters are readily available. The CHECKMASTER is an intelligent testing device. Intelligent, because the CHECKMASTER includes the objects of the test component in the arrester test. It has been proven in practice that in order to get exact information regarding the state of an arrester, a purely thermic or mechanical test of individual components is not sufficient. For this reason, CHECKMASTER checks the electrical parameters of the protective plug components. Testing surge arresters is recommended by the lighting protection directive of the VdS (Verband der Sachversicherer – Property Insurer Association) and in the German standard DIN V VDE V 0185 – Part 3. This test can be carried out easily, safely and reliably with the CHECKMASTER, the arrester test device for all plug-in surge arresters from Phoenix Contact. To provide a permanent record, CHECKMASTER has an RS-232/C, V-24 interface to which a PC or printer can be connected. The results of the individual arrester tests can thus be printed out and processed in a protocol with date, time and other identification. The CHECKMASTER test program checks the surge limit ing elements integrated in the surge protection modules to ensure that they keep within the parameters. The CHECKMASTER consists of a basic device and various exchangeable test sockets. This modular design of the CHECKMASTER allows it to be adapted to the particular customer-specific requirements. There are corresponding test adapters for the product ranges mentioned above with which the test objects can be tested in the CHECKMASTER. All settings in the CHECKMASTER can be made via the integrated operator panel.To clearly identify the test object, either the integrated barcode reader or the keyboard can be used as an input medium for the order number and short designation. In the case of PLUGTRAB test objects of the UFBK and UAK series. the test objects are identified automatically when they are plugged into the corresponding test socket. When the CHECKMASTER is started. it performs a self-test. This guarantees that the tests are only ever carried out with a device that is in perfect working order. After a test object has been tested, the result is displayed by means of an LED. More detailed information on the result can be found in the display output. It is also possible to save test series in an internal memory. Up to 200 test results can be saved in the memory together with the details on the results of the test objects. An individual short name can be entered on the keyboard for each test object (e.g. module X13;
control cabinet 7.132;
etc.). Another alternative is to affix a specific barcode label to each test object. that is then read into the CHECKMASTER with the barcode scanner as a short name.These short names make it possible to clearly assign the test object to the test result in the event log of the CHECKMASTER. With the V 24/RS232-C interface integrated in the CHECKMASTER, it is possible to output the test results from the internal memory to a PC or printer. Standard terminal programs are integrated in most operating systems and can be used for output to a PC. Extensive surge protection does not end with the use of the right products, but includes the standardized requirements for testing. System availability and the associated reliability of your plant is further increased with the CHECKMASTER. Regular testing of your arresters saves you extra maintenance work and the associated costs. With surge protection from Phoenix Contact, you are safe no matter what – from consulting, through to products and on to support and maintenance and testing.
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