Piranha2 1K, 49.6 khz



Dalsa Piranha2 1K, 49.6 khz Piranha2's unmatched performance and features set becomes even more cost-effective in the 30 MHz P2-2x-xxx30 cameras. Two 8 or 10 bit outputs (selectable) at 30 MHz deliver 60 MHz throughput with all the Piranha2 responsivity, progra mmability, and simplified Camera Link high-speed serial interface. Available in resolutions from 1K to 4K, the camera's compact design is great for inspection applications where you need to stack cameras side by side. Gain and offset are fully programmable for each output channel, and the camera can output test patterns for cable/system troubleshooting. All resolutions provide appropriate, readily-available standard lens options (c-mount and f-mount). All these features combine to make the Piranha2 a powerful and cost-effective camera. Let it loose on your tough imaging challenge.
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