Piranha2 2K, 68 khz

Dalsa Piranha2 2K, 68 khz Piranha2 delivers superb performance with a wide selection of resolutions. Four 8 or 10 bit outputs at 40 MHz deliver 160 MHz throughput, and boosted responsivity means the Piranha2 needs less light. Our 4 tap, 10 µm models are available in resolutions from 2k to 4k. The camera is small, light, and uses a single power supply. Cabling and interface are simplified with the Camera Link™ high speed serial standard. The camera is very sensitive, but still provides quieter, more uniform output thanks to CDS (correlated double sampling) and embedded flat field correction algorithms. Gain and offset are fully programmable for each output channel, and the camera can output test patterns for cable/system troubleshooting. All these features combine to make Piranha2 one of the most powerful line scan cameras in the world. Set it loose on your toughest imaging challenge.
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