Piranha2 4K, 18 khz, 7 µm




Dalsa Piranha2 4K, 18 khz, 7 µm Successors to the original groundbreaking Pirahnas, DALSA’s Piranha2 cameras deliver 8 or 10 bit output (selectable) at 80 MHz throughput with higher responsivity and higher line rates. Available in resolutions from 1k to 8k, Piranha2 cameras are smaller, lighter, and use a single power supply. Cabling and interface are simplified with the Camera Link™ high-speed serial standard. The camera provides quiet, uniform output thanks to CDS (correlated double sampling) and embedded flat-field correction algorithms. Gain and offset are fully programmable for each output channel, and the camera can output test patterns for cable/system troubleshooting. All resolutions provide appropriate, readily-available standard lens options (c-mount, f-mount, and M72x0.75 photography standards). Set the Piranha2 loose on your toughest imaging challenge.
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