Piranha3 12k, 23 khz, Square

Dalsa Piranha3 12k, 23 khz, Square The Piranha3 12k cameras take imaging to a new level with eight outputs running at 40 MHz and a line rate up to 23.5 kHz. More detail. Fewer cameras. The camera’s 12k resolution surpasses the resolution of any other line scan camera, delivering more detail with fewer cameras in a multi-camera system for measurable cost savings. When you use fewer cameras, you use fewer framegrabbers, lenses, computers and cables. Additional system cost-savings stem from the Piranha3’s superior sensor alignment accuracy, high responsivity and 5 micron pixel pitch which minimizes the cost of optics. The Piranha3 family delivers the lowest price/pixel system solution. More programmability than ever before. A Camera Link interface ensures easy integration of the Piranha3 into existing systems. With a selectable number of taps, bit depth, and Camera Link mode, the Piranha3 cameras are extremely flexible. Other programmable features include flat field correction, exposure control, and gain and offset control.
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