Piranha HS 2K, 52khz




Dalsa Piranha HS 2K, 52khz With line rates exceeding 52 kHz and a resolution of 2048 pixels, DALSA's latest high sensitivity camera specifically meets the performance requirements needed in demanding applications such as postal sorting, document scanning, and low-light industrial inspection. High Speed The fast line rates are achieved via the sensors 4 outputs, each operating at 30 MHz, for a total throughput of 120 MHz. High Sensitivity The high level of sensitivity—up to 1610 DN(nJ/cm²)— is accomplished using TDI technology with up to 64 stages of exposure, while the camera's antiblooming prevents localized overexposure from contaminating the information in adjacent pixels. The unique features of the Piranha HS 4x will help you set your system apart from the competition.
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