Refurbished Hadland X-Chron 540 Picosecond X-Ray Streak Camera

This is a refurbished Hadland X-Chron 540 picosecond x-ray streak camera with user manual, freshly manufactured resolution chart photocathode for camera adjustment, removable grid electrode, and blank photocathode holder for custom photocathode fabrication. Accessories including vacuum pumps, vacuum gauges, digital camera streak readout systems, and custom-engineered photocathodes are available at additional cost. X-Chron 540 is a versatile, high performance streak camera with x-ray, Vacuum Ultraviolet (VUV), and eXtreme Ultraviolet (XUV) sensitivity. In fact, with the remotely demountable photocathode system, spectral sensitivity may in principal be easily changed to cover any part of the spectrum for which photocathode materials are available. demountable streak tube allows other modifications, such as gridless operation and use of in-vacuum readout devices. 540 has been designed for specialist X-ray applications such as the observation of short-life/high-speed (sub-nanosecond) events where plasma and debris obscure subject phenomena, sabot separation, sabot fracture within the barrel, projectiles leaving the muzzle and on impact. camera is also suited to applications such as laser fusion experiments which generate X-radiation and where the precise recording of X-ray energy, intensity, duration and velocity of the plasma is essential. X-Chron 540 is designed with a focus on spatial resolution, user convenience and reliability and flexibility under laboratory conditions. This streak camera is compact in a single chassis. A wide variety of sweep speeds and sweep options are switch controllable at the chassis. Astigmatism focus corrections for the various sweep speeds are separately controlled. photocathode can be extended remotely for viewing through a vacuum window without breaking vacuum. photocathode can be replaced in less than 30 minutes by removing the vacuum window without moving the streak camera.
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