4 (1x4) >1.8 GHz (SMB Connectors). The SMP6301 is designed with SMB male connectors for applications that require RF signal switching greater than 1.8 GHz. Excellent crosstalk and isolation is maintained by using RF relays with bandwidths in excess of 2.0 GHz, along with short low-loss coaxial runs from the connector directly to the relays. All modules are also configured to avoid any unterminated stub effects, improving overall signal integrity and allowing for larger high-frequency multiplexer configurations while maintaining bandwidth and VSWR. The SMP6301 is part of the SMIP II ™ family and can be mixed and matched with other SMIP II ™ modules to configure high-density switching systems. For example, approximately 96 50 Ohm coaxial switch points can be switched within a double slot VXI card (SMP1200), providing exceptional density without degrading signal integrity.
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