Sony XC-ST30CE CCIR Analog Camera




The XC-ST30CE is part of Sony's next generation of analog 1/3" B/W video cameras, ideal for image processing and machine vision applications. The new XC-ST30CE is a compact, light weight video camera incorporating the latest 1/3" Interline Transfer (IT) CCD with HAD technology providing 752(H) x 582(V) effective picture elements and incorporating a C-Mount type lens mount. The XC-ST30CE is easy to use and its small size allows for flexible interface. High Sensitivity using the 1/3" CCD with HAD technology. All controls outside the camera. Simplified and more flexible trigger from previous models. Small, light weight, one piece camera. Excellent vibration and shock characteristics. Small and light weight power adaptor. Features. I. mproved Sensitivity. The XC-ST30CE uses the latest 1/3" Interline Transfer (IT) CCD with HAD technology which is more sensitive than the technology used in the popular XC-75 and XC-73 camera family. This new HAD technology has a microlens over each pixel to improve the light collection efficiency. This is reflected in the minimum sensitivity specification of 0.3 lx. That means the camera should be able to detect more faint signals or need less gain with less noise when detecting faint signals. All Controls Outside the Camera. The XC-ST30CE have all the camera control switches accessible from the outside of the camera. There is no need for the user to open the camera to modify the operating mode of the camera or to determine or confirm switches settings. A user will no longer need to "customize" the internal camera switches. Simplified and More Flexible Trigger. The XC-ST30CE has an improved trigger/shutter that significantly improves and simplifies the trigger operation from previous models. The various versions of Reset-Restart and Donpisha are now replaced with a simplified trigger/shutter that provides much greater functionality and flexibility. Now, the shutter speed of the external trigger shutter can be specified by the width of an external trigger pulse or switch setting in the rear panel. With this function, the XC-ST30CE can take a clear image of a fast moving object. Compact and Light Weight Design. The XC-ST30CE is a small, lightweight one-piece camera. The camera body's measurements are 29 x 44 mm (same as the XC-75/73);
however, the camera depth measures only 57.5 mm long, approximately 19% shorter than the popular XC-75/73 at 71mm. The camera weighs only 110 grams, approximately 20% lighter than the XC-75/73 at 140 grams. The compact, lightweight camera body allows the camera to be used in very tight places and for some remote camera-head applications. E. xcellent Vibration and Shock Characterists. The XC-ST30CE has improved vibration resistance. Vibration resistance has been improved to 10G as compared to the XC-75/73 at 7G. The improvement in vibration resistance is achieved by improved board-to-board connections. The compact size and improved vibration resistance makes the XC-ST30CE even more viable as a remote head camera replacement. The XC-ST30CE can resist up to a 70G shock.
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