Spyder2 4K, 9Khz, F Mount

Dalsa Spyder2 4K, 9Khz, F Mount With F Mount The Sypder2 is a fast and cost effective camera boasting a full feature set and a Camera Link interface. The Spyder2 has impressive responsivity and programmability and offers precise control over key variables such as gain and offset. The 4k Spyder uses Base Camera Link to deliver a line rate of 9 kHz, providing you with the throughput your application requires with no compromise to image quality. In addition to its high performance and affordability, the Spyder2 4k also incorporates unique features such as flat field correction and CDS (Correlated Double Sampling) which are typically found in scientific grade cameras. Readily available standard lens options (M72 x 0.75 and F mount) are available.
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