Spyder3 1K, 36Khz GigE

Dalsa Spyder3 1K, 36Khz GigE The Spyder 3 GigE surpasses its predecessor, the Spyder 2, with 3x more responsivity. At its core is DALSA’s latest line scan technology that achieves unprecedented responsivity. The Spyder 3 GigE is fully programmable, offering precise control over key performance variables such as gain and offset. A GUI is provided allowing you to begin imaging in minutes. For those OEMs migrating from the Spyder or Spyder 2, the Spyder 3 GigE does not require a new optics design because pixel size and fill factor remain unchanged at 14 µm and 100% respectively. Also, with a GigE interface, you no longer need a frame grabber which means significant system cost savings. In addition to its high performance and affordability, Spyder 3 GigE also incorporates advanced features such as flat field correction and CDS (Correlated Double Sampling).
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