Jai Balaji
The TM-300NIR camera offers high performance with excellent near-IR sensitivity at a very affordable price. Designed to meet a variety of application requirements, this camera has many standard and optional features. It is available in both EIA (TM-200NIR) and CCIR (TM-300NIR) formats. The most commonly needed adjustments – manual gain, gamma, AGC, and field/frame selection – are easily accessible on the rear camera panel. Electronic shuttering is also standard. Eight shutter speeds, ranging from 1/60 sec. to 1/10,000 sec., can be selected externally using the rotary dial on the rear panel. The small size of the TM-300NIR eliminates the need for a remote imager camera in all but the most confined spaces. The camera fits easily, both physically and functionally, into all types of machine vision, automated inspection, and related applications. Other uses include IR strobe, LED/Laser detection, failure analysis, remotely piloted vehicles, miniature inspection devices, surveillance, microscopes and medical equipment. Dimensions (H x W x L): 39 x 46 x 66 mm
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