4-channel High Speed Dynamic Bridge SPC. The VT1521 is designed to provide an accurate means of performing high speed bridge measurements. It provides bridge completion circuitry, excitation voltage, programmable low pass filters, and wide band buffered outputs. The low-pass filter on each channel is a 4th order Butterworth active RC filter used to provide alias protection and improved noise reduction. The low-pass filter cutoff frequencies are 10kHz, 3kHz, 1kHz, 300Hz, and 100Hz. Bridge completion resistors for 1/4 bridge measurements are built-in to the Option TFB terminal block with completion values of 120 ohm and 350 ohm. The VT1521 SCP is designed to provide self-regulating excitation voltages of 0V, 1V, 2V, 5V, or 10V on each channel, for improved measurement accuracy. The SCP provides a voltage gain of 0.5, 8, 64, or 512 for each channel. This SCP takes two adjacent slots in the VXI module.
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