(Mature Product - More Info in Overview) VXI/SCSI Interface Module. Mature Product ( Read More ) - For new application requirements, VTI recommends the EMX Series. CAPTURE HIGH-SPEED DATA DIRECTLY FROM VXI DIGITIZERS The VT2216A C-size double-slot VXI module is a high-speed dual SCSI interface with optional internal disks that is optimized for online recording of digital data to disk. It is ideal in a variety of data capture applications, including both dynamic and static signal acquisition. It fits applications in transient signal analysis, in acoustic and mechanical measurements, as well as electronic surveillance. AVAILABLE IN THREE CONFIGURATIONS The standard configuration consists of a dual low voltage differential/single-ended SCSI interface and is intended for applications using external SCSI storage devices. Data from the VXI backplane or local bus can be transferred directly to the external device without involving the VXI Slot 0 Controller. The two optional configurations provide a single 73 GB internal disk or two 73 GB internal disks. These disks provide a compact high-speed solution for on-line recording. The SCSI interface can still be used for external readBack or disk backup with external SCSI DAT tape drives.
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