VeriSens (XC100M03X00EP)

Baumer Electric
Baumer VeriSens (XC100M03X00EP) XC 100 SERIES CAMERA (640 X 480) WITH C MOUNT & FLASH CONTROLLER FOR EXTERNAL ILLUMINATION VeriSens® of the XC series offer the entire range of functions of up to 19 different tools for feature checks. All models communicate inspection results not only via digital I/Os, but also results and default values via the process interface. Special feature of the VeriSens® XC series: Lenses and illuminations are freely selectable. A standardized C-mount interface is provided for lenses. External illuminations are supplied by standardized connectors (pin layout published). Adapter cables are also offered. Thanks to an integrated flash controller, external illuminations are powered by VeriSens® and can flash with up to 48 V and 4 A to increase brightness.
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