The Viper-Quad is a single slot, high speed video acquisition device for the PCI bus. It features four independent acquisition channels, each comprised of an analog to digital converter, synchronization circuitry and input look-up tables. These four channels can be used to acquire images from four non-genlocked monochrome cameras. For synchronization purposes, each channel also features separate horizontal and vertical sync signals (I/O), trigger inputs (optically isolated for protection from potentially hazardous voltages), trigger outputs, exposure control output and a strobe output. These permit each channel to acquire images from four completely independent cameras. Targeted at machine vision applications using multiple cameras, the Viper-Quad can be used to acquire multiple views of the same object (360 degree inspection) or can be used to acquire images of multiple objects on a production line. The Viper-Quad can transfer images to host memory via the host PCI bus, or across the 200 Mbytes/sec Coreco Auxiliary Bus (CAB) to the Mamba products for embedded processing. Available in two models, the Viper-Quad comes mounted with four acquisition channels, or for more cost sensitive applications, with two acquisition channels.
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