Wellman Dynamics Bear-Loc Locking Hydraulic Actuator 15,000 lb




This is a York Industries (Wellman Dynamics) Bear-Loc locking hydraulic actuator. With BEAR-LOC, the locking section of the sleeve engages the cylinder rod at any position of stroke. This is truly infinite-positioning! BEAR-LOC always locks automatically when pressure in the lock is removed, either on command or because of lock pressure loss. The locking actually is positive. There is no possibility of movement when operated within the capa the unit. The BEAR-LOC unit adds no moving parts, because the cylinder rod is a conventional part of any linear, hydraulic actuator. BEAR-LOC is a positive mechanical lock which does not depend upon valves or other components to introduce locking capability. All major seals can be easily replaced in service without removal of the BEAR-LOC sleeve from the rod. In addition, the front seal cartridge can easily removed to facilitate quick replacement of the rod end seals. Even under overloads, BEAR-LOC cannot be damaged, similar to a slipped clutch under such operating conditions. The BEAR-LOC immediately re-engages when the overload is removed. The basic simplicity of the BEAR-LOC design, integrated with a standard hydraulic actuator, eliminates the need for the supply and installation of separate actuating and locking components. These dollar advantages, coupled with BEAR-LOC's functional features, give you both short and long term economic benefits.
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