X64-CL GigE Lite



The X64-CL GigE Lite bundles field proven X64 frame grabber technology into a standalone interface to create a powerful image acquisition engine capable of capturing images from area or linescan Camera Link™ cameras and transferring them over standard Gigabit Ethernet network links to the PC. The X64-CL GigE Lite preserves the investment in the existing camera equipment by leveraging the synergies of Camera Link and Ethernet technologies. The X64-CL GigE Lite is ideally suited for high performance machine vision applications where the host computer can’t be located near the camera body and/or distributed processing is desired and/or data concentration is necessary. The X64-CL GigE Lite supports single Base Camera Link cameras and multiple tap configurations from both area and linescan cameras simultaneously. Camera controls such as external trigger input, shaft-encoder inputs, and general purpose input/outputs are localized on-board the X64-CL GigE Lite, while data is streamed continuously at rates of up to 1-Gb/s over point-to-point connections of 100 meters per network segment using inexpensive Cat-5 LAN cable.
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