The X64-LVDS is a high performance image acquisition board for parallel output digital area and linescan cameras compatible with the LVDS (EIA-644) and RS-422 standards. Universal PCI slot compliant (32/64-bit 33/66MHz 3.3/5V), the X64-LVDS supports multiple tap area scan and linescan monochrome and RGB cameras. In addition to supporting infinite vertical length frames from a linescan camera, the X64-LVDS also supports fixed and variable size frames ranging up to 256KB horizontal pixels per line and up to 16 million vertical lines per frame for area scan cameras. Precise timing controls allow frame size adjustments in steps of eight pixels/step for horizontal lines and in steps of one line/step vertically. Up to 32MB of local buffer memory facilitates concurrent transfer operations at different rates yielding optimal utilization of system bandwidth.
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