The XCI-SX1 is Sony's first Smart camera in a new series of products for the emerging machine vision industry. This monochrome camera is designed to provide OEMs, system integrators and vision tool manufacturers a rugged, robust component, combining the imager, intelligence and interface in a single plug-in modular that is simple to set up and easy to integrate for efficient factory workflow. Integrators can install a variety of image-processing software applications or develop and apply customized applications to meet specific user needs. Unlike conventional machine vision cameras, images captured by the XCI-SX1 are processed within the camera and the processed data is directly transmitted to a PC over a network. The XCI-SX1 monochrome camera incorporates a 1/2 type progressive scan CCD with square pixels that produces high-quality SXGA (1280 x 1024) images at selectable frames rates of either 15 fps (SXGA) or 34ps (VGA). Sony gives you options. Just like a PC, this camera features a standard x86 processor running built-in Linux or loadable Windows XPe operating system. The XCI-SX1 also includes an integrated 258MB SDRAM and extensive I/O connectivity via Ethernet, USB serial port and monitor out.
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