Frequency converter 1.5 kW , L200-015NFE2, Hitachi, Rated output 1.5kW, Output frequency 0.5...400Hz For pump and fan applications and for simple drives in conveyor and packaging systems U/f control process for constant and reduced torque RS485 interface via RJ45 connector Interface protocol: Modbus RTU, HI protocol Integral digital control and display panel with potentiometer for control and parameterisation tasks Motor potentiometer function with and without setpoint memory 2 parameter sets Integral PID controller to regulate pressure or temperature Programming with or without additional software Programmable inputs and outputs Logic function evaluation via digital outputs Motor temperature monitoring (PTC) Protective systems for overcurrent, over-/undervoltage, overload, overheating, earth fault, electronic motor protection 8-language instructions on CD included in package Use EMC filter(s) to comply with EN61800-3
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