Soldering iron kit 25 W Schuko plug , SP25NK EU KIT, Weller, Power 25W, Soldering temperature ...400 °C Kit includes iron stand, user manual, soldering aide tool, lead-free solder and 3 tips, MT1 (3 mmØ), MT2, MT3 High performance soldering iron with LED lamps, delivers light to the application while working A triangular front housing captures the LEDs Once the tip position is determined, the hand naturally gravitates to the triangular area providing a more stable and effective way to control the tip position A round, soft grip, non-slip handle design helps relax the hand during extended use The round handle easily provides a mechanism to roll and position the tip for application needs The soldering irons come with a stainless steel heater, impact resistant housing, and heat resistant LEDs Cord length: 1,6 meters Available as single soldering iron and kit (25 and 40W)
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